Saturday, December 18, 2010

Olivet Evangelical PC loses Appeal and Property.

Layman Online: Indiana court decision overturned!
  • Ohio Valley Presbytery
  • Olivet Evangelical PC
  • Synod of Lincoln Trails
  • Declaring that Olivet’s participation in the denomination equates to compliance with the so-called trust clause – specifically its remaining in the PCUSA at reunion and agreeing to participate in Ohio Valley Presbytery’s dismissal process – the appeals court favoured the presbytery based on its interpretation of the same neutral principles of law that often favour's congregations.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Food Court Flash Mob, Hallelujah Chorus

Editor: Wow! Wow! Wow! The smiles on the faces of the singers make all the difference in the world!. The use of multiple professional photographers, and excellent editing make this a work of art! Viewed: 16,591,04 as of 12/10/2010

Nov 13, 2010 - Noon, Niagara Falls, Ontario

You Tube Video

One minute, Stephanie Tritchew was just a face in the busy Seaway Mall crowd, sipping coffee at a cafeteria table and chatting on her cellphone. Then next, the St. Catharines native was standing and belting out "hallelujahs" from the famed chorus in Handel's Messiah in front of a stunned food court congregation.

"The first reaction was jaw-dropping surprise and people laughing," said the startling soprano, who broke into song around noon last Saturday at the Welland mall. "Then just about everyone whipped out their phone cameras at once." Tritchew wasn't a one-woman surprise show. Within minutes, more than 80 Chorus Niagara singers previously blended into the weekend mall multitude had joined the chorus. The seemingly spontaneous event actually took weeks to plan, said Jennifer Blakeley of Niagara Falls-based Alphabet Photography, who organized the event.

The cafeteria chorus was part Alphabet advertisement, part performance art designed to put people in the Christmas spirit, Blakeley said. "I was sitting right in the middle of it all, and some people's faces were just classic," she said, laughing. "And I think it was quite touching — some people were actually in tears."

Blakeley said the event was modeled on "flash mobs," brief events often planned through social media in order to mobilize large groups of people quickly.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

2 Binghamton NY Presbyterian churches to merge

Press Connects story

Children's Prayer

Angels of God, from heaven so bright, 

Watch over my children, and guide them aright.

Fold your wings round em and guard them with love.

Sing to them softly of heaven above.

from 12/7 episode of "CSI: Miami"

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ga. appeals court favors Timberridge

Layman Story: Ga. appeals court favors Timberridge The Georgia Court of Appeals reversed the trial court’s judgment that had awarded the disputed property to the Presbytery.

On a Side note, when looking for news on the Presbytery website, I found:

  • dissolved a church in July: Midway
  • will dissolve another church: Riverdale, soon.
  • Dissolve a AC for Rehoboth, which upheld the Session and Pastor.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Houston congregation appeals property case judgment

Layman Story: Houston congregation appeals property case judgment.

Colo. County Files Petition to U.S. High Court Over Church Land Dispute

Christian Post Story: Colo. County Files Petition to U.S. High Court Over Church Land Dispute
  • Boulder County did not approve Church expansion plans, four years ago
  • Rocky Mountain Christian Church in Niwot, Colo.
  • Expansion project for Alexander Dawson School was approved in 1995
  • Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA), under which religious institutions are protected from discriminatory land-use laws.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sequim Presbyterian PCUSA and EPC

Sequim Gazette Story: Sequim Presbyterian Fellowship begins anew PCUSA: ~ 20 members

The second part of the story is Sequim Community Church (EPC) ~ 780 members

Jermain Memorial PC takes back its church, joins new Presbytery

Troy Record Story: Watervliet congregation takes back its church, joins new Presbytery

Time Union Story: A fight on high gets ever higher

  • Jermain Memorial PC, Watervliet, NY (Troy)
  • Albany Presbytery
  • Joined Ecumenical Presbytery. Ed: Anyone know this one?
  • Presbytery changed the locks and padlocked the building in May
  • Some charge the Presbytery with coveting its $169,000-$500,009 endowment (Presbyter denies)
  • The Jermain will stated that when the church is no longer used that the 1 1/3-acre property would be reverted back to the next Jermain heir
  • New York City resident Ann Jermain Walling Billings is a possible heir.
  • Billings granted the property back to the parish in a deed dated in March

Monday, October 4, 2010

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Layman Files brief in Episcopal Property Fight in Georgia

Virtue Online Story: Two Amicus Briefs Filed to Protect Georgia Property from being seized by National Church

These briefs are posted at the church website

Oakfield 1st (now OCBC) buys back original building at autcion.

Daily News Online: Oakfield congregation's long 'wandering' is over
  • Oakfield Community Bible Church formerly Oakfield First Presbyterian
  • Left PCUSA in 2008 from Genesee Valley Presbytery
  • 2009 a judge ruled in the Presbytery’s favor
  • OCBC couldn’t agree on a price with the Presbytery
  • OCBC ended up buying the two parcels for $50,000 at a March auction.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pastors to Challenge IRS by Talking Politics from Pulpit

Christian Post Story

Christian Post Editorial: Legislated Laryngitis

  • Third annual Pulpit Freedom Sunday
  • Organized by the Christian legal group Alliance Defense Fund
  • Will use the Bible’s teachings to preach on the the positions of electoral candidates or current government officials in defiance of an IRS rule proposed by then-Sen. Lyndon Johnson and passed by Congress in 1954.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

UPDATED: MO Judge has dismissed, with prejudice, Heartland Presbytery’s claims to the property of Gashland PC.

The Layman Online: Judge dismisses Gashland property case

A Clay County (Mo.) circuit court judge has dismissed, with prejudice, Heartland Presbytery’s claims to the property of Gashland Presbyterian Church, which left the Presbyterian Church (USA) in 2008 to join the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC).

The court ruled that Missouri property cases must be judged on the neutral principles of law, rather than the hierarchical-based argument that church property is held in trust for the denomination.

NOTE: The next standard meeting of the Presbytery is November 16, 2010.

NOTE: On Sept 18 docket, Mound City Presbyterian Church is requesting an AC, as they feel they no longer may be able to maintain their facility.

Administrative Commission Report For Churches Seeking Dismissal From The PC(USA) (summarized from Sept 18 Docket)

Gashland: Aug 25: The judge would not grant the first request by Gashland to dismiss.


  • Aug 13: The AC instructs Heartland's Stated Clerk to contact EPC to inquire as to their communication with Colonial.
  • Aug 18: Session secures TRO against the AC. These are later contested and dismissed. Additionally, the Session filed a lawsuit against Heartland.
  • Aug 19: The AC is holds a hearing to take over the Session. The Session is absent.
  • Aug 22: A congregational meeting and declares their departure to EPC

Monday, August 30, 2010

Congregation looks for ways to mend rift, Ewing Presbyterian Church Story: Congregation looks for ways to mend rift, Ewing Presbyterian Church
  • 170+ members meet with the Presbytery panel
  • demolition plans that pitted church members against each other in angry camps
  • Ewing Administrative Commission’S report overturning the raze decision
  • 143-year-old sanctuary.
  • vacant since being condemned as unsafe since the spring of 2007.
  • the commission has given them three options for the sanctuary
    • renovate it for use as a house of worship
    • sell or donate it to another organization
    • lease it to another organization for restoration.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Colonial PC, (Kansas City) votes to leave PCUSA 927-27

Layman Story: Colonial leaving PCUSA
  • Colonial Presbyterian Church near Kansas City
  • 1,700-member
  • 2-campus
  • Congregation voted 927-27 Sunday to leave
  • voted 914-29 to join the EPC
  • the second largest congregation in Heartland Presbytery.
  • 2 Sessions File complaint:
    • Southminster PC, Prairie Village, KS 371 members
    • First PC, Lee’s Summit, MO 546 members
    • G-7.0304 and G.11-0103i
    • General Assembly PJC case Sundquist et al. v. Heartland Presbytery.
    • Aug. 19, Heartland’s PJC granted a stay of enforcement against Colonial
  • district court in Johnson County, Kansas granted a restraining order request by Colonial
Note: That the Colonial web sites has: HEARTLAND PRESBYTERY (on Colonial Web)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Georgia Episcopal Church Appeals Property Ruling to State Supreme Court.

Virtue Online Story: Christ Church, The Mother Church of Georgia in Savannah, has asked the Georgia Supreme Court to review a recent ruling of the Court of Appeals upholding Judge Michael Karpf's October, 2009 decision that Christ Church holds its property in trust for the Diocese of Georgia and The Episcopal Church.

NEWS FLASH: (Layman) No more Mr. Nice Guy in Heartland

Layman Story: No more Mr. Nice Guy in Heartland: Heartland Presbytery seems to have lost faith in its own process and replaced the administrative review committee it assigned to work through a period of discernment with Colonial Presbytery Church, as it decides whether to remain in the Presbyterian Church (USA).

Monday, August 9, 2010

Two Presbyterian churches to merge

Indiana Gazette: Story about 2 churches merging in PA.
  • NuMine Presbyterian Church (95 yrs)
  • Rural Valley Presbyterian (175 yrs)
  • -> NuValley Presbyterian Church (@ Rural building)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rumor: Colonial Pres wants to leave Heartland

From the blog: Classical Presbyterian: Colonial Pres (probably 4k plus members) has asked Heartland to negotiate their dismissal. The response. Essentially, you're not getting off that easy.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Synod of Lincoln Trails vs Canaan PC of Glenview, IL

Layman Story: An administrative commission for the Synod of Lincoln Trails is exceeding its authority by acting as the synod, the presbytery and the local session in a bitter dispute over property and leadership at Canaan Presbyterian Church in Glenview, Ill., according to a remedial complaint filed with the General Assembly Permanent Judicial Commission.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Church firing of accountant - Upheld by Appeals court



Why did you lead this story with the headline "Church firing of accountant - Upheld by Appeals court"? I read through the court's opinion and the plaintiff and defendant briefs found on the Washington state web page, it appears the church and pastor have some poor judgement. It also appears the courts upheld some important claims of the plaintiff (Title VII).

It appears the church is trying very hard to make this go away - never imaged a church would try and call the accoutant a pastor to avoid a lawsuit. Sadly a better headline would have been "Church succeeds in part in hiding behind the 1st amendment" :)

An advocate for the harassed

Monday, June 21, 2010

Lancaster PC to pay $550,000 blood money to leave PCUSA

Buffalo News: Lancaster congregation will pay $550,000 after break from PCUSA

An administrative commission appointed by the presbytery determined the $550,000 amount by adding up legal fees, as well as unpaid “per capita” dues that Lancaster Presbyterian had owed to the presbytery over the past decade or so. It also factored in 10 percent of the overall value of the property.

(Ed.) Still sounds like blood money to me.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Presbyterian Church gets second chance (Singelton, NSW, AU)

It is interesting to note that the USA is not the only country to struggle to keep churches open. Singleton, New South Wales, Australia

Singleton Argus: Presbyterian Church gets second chance

FPC Bakersfield Joins EPC

Just an update, as the church officially joins EPC. Story from First Presbyterian Church realigns with new governing body

Monday, June 7, 2010

Southport PC (Indiana) dismissed to EPC by Whitewater Valley

Layman Story: Indianapolis church dismissed from PCUSA

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

From clergy shortage to clergy glut

Christian Century Story: From clergy shortage to clergy glut
  • "We have a serious surplus of ministers and candidates seeking calls," said Marcia Myers, director of the vocation office for the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), which has four ministers for every opening.
  • The main cause of the sudden turnaround: the bad economy.
  • According to PCUSA data, the church has 532 vacancies for 2,271
  • older clergy who saw their retirement funds evaporate are delaying retirement
  • "Everyone talked about a clergy shortage, but there never really was one," said Chang. There has long been a surplus of ministers, she said. They're simply not serving where they're needed—in small churches.
  • No mention of the amount of money wasted on legal fights

Sierra Presbyterian Church ordered to close its doors

Merced Sun Star Story: Sierra Presbyterian Church ordered to close its doors
  • Stockton Presbytery: 25-14
  • church plans to file an appeal
  • Sierra Saving Grace Homeless Project in Jeopardy
  • Presbytery part of unusual Sierra Mission Partnership- 3 presbyteries
  • $30,550 noninterest loan from the Presbytery for the building of a parking lot
  • the group paid $100 monthly and then, several years ago, raised the payment to $250 a month.
  • 3603 M Street, Merced, CA

Church fund creates bitter feud

Regional officials, congregants battle over $2M 'legacy'

Thursday, May 13, 2010

FPC of Aurora Officially Shifts To EPC

A News Release from The Religion Wire™: First Presbyterian Church of Aurora Officially Shifts Denominational Affiliation

Layman Online: story

  • FPC Aurora, Ill
  • Blackhawk Presbytery: (58-48)Press release on there front page
  • 152 year-old church
  • some 700 members
  • dismissal payment of $140,000 and other long-term provisions
  • pastor Jeff Moore and associate pastor Stephen Rhodes have been dismissed to EPC.
  • Property Appraisal: 2.2-2.6 million - Estimated Sale Price 1 Million
  • Membership voted on April 8, 2009. 317-17
  • Letter to those not attending:
    • Dismissal: 322
    • Not Active: 36
    • Remain/as FPC: 12
    • Remain/Transfer: 2
    • Abstain: 6

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Desert Hills PC (Carefree, Ariz) intends to leave PCUSA

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Saturday, April 10, 2010

FPC Edgewater, NJ to close on May 23.

North Jersey (Edgewater View newspaper): First Presbyterian Church of Edgewater, NJ on Undercliff Avenue forced to close its doors.
  • "It's closing because the existing congregation could not bear the weight of the financial burden of the church," said Rev. Wanda Lundy, referring to church's budget.
  • Lundy said people nationwide are flocking to non-denomination and Pentecostal churches.
  • But on a local level, the church has also lost membership due to the lack of parking. (ed: That is why I attend an urban church as opposed to a downtown church.)
  • The final service is tentatively scheduled for May 23.

Judge rules in favor of majority in Peters Creek UPC

Pittsburgh Post Gazette: Judge rules in favor of majority in Peters church schism lawsuit

The Layman Online: Peters Creek gets another legal victory

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Going Price Of An Historic Church Building In Upstate NY

GA Junkie Blog: Follow-up To The Oakfield Sale -- The Going Price Of An Historic Church Building In Upstate NY

I have the same problem locally, The city is trying to sell the old downtown hospital. No one is biding! Tearing it down is expensive due to asbestos. The corner lot is just inside the downtown area, which has been flooded twice in the last 20 years. Add to this, many in our town are hung-up with preserving downtown's image. Sonic wants to tear down an old car dealership and build a new sonic there. Eating places downtown are few, if you don't want expensive.

Monday, March 29, 2010

PCUSA Louisville to reduce staff by 30

  • 250 jobs in five separate cuts since 2002, 186 through layoffs.
  • 346 denominational employees in Louisville
  • 300 mission and other workers elsewhere.
  • 14 laid off in March 2009
  • Projected Income 2012: $76.2 million — down 19 percent from this year’s $93.8 million
  • budgets for final approval by the church’s legislative General Assembly in July
  • unpaid one-week employee furlough in 2009
  • salary freeze for 2010. Prior to the recession
  • projected revenue was $100 million per year

Thursday, March 25, 2010

First PC in Beaver, Pa dismissed

Layman Online Story: Beaver-Butler’s largest church to leave PCUSA

Christian Post Story: Multi-Site Church Cleared to Leave PC(USA)

If the Indiana court ruling is approved by the US Supreme Court, this could be extortion legally as well as morally.

Beaver County Times: Beaver congregation splits from national Presbyterian Church (USA)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Oakfield (N.Y.) Community Bible Church wins auction of own property from Presbytery

Community Bible Church was Oakfield Independent Presbyterian Church.

Genesee Valley Presbytery

Valued: $400,000 Bid: $50,000

Genesee Valley General Presbyter Linda Badger Becker described the property as a liability.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Oakfield Independent be auctioned off March 18 in Oakfield, N.Y.

Layman Story: Embattled church property on the auction block
  • Oakfield Independent Presbyterian Church (OIPC)
  • Presbytery of Genessee Valley

Indiana court rejects PCUSA property claim to Olivet EPC

Heldt’s ruling rejects virtually every argument that PCUSA lawyers have been making in various property disputes across the country.

Article Summary:

  • To affiliate or not to affiliate: That is the question
  • No legally cognizable trust
  • Inconsistencies in the Book of Order

Monday, February 22, 2010

Church Membership Rises in USA 1/2 percent

From The Christian Post Story: or NCC website

NOTICE: only about half of the denominations have reported.

Guess who has the largest lost?

--Total147,384,631↑ 0.49 %
11The Catholic Church68,115,001↑ 1.49 %
22Southern Baptist Convention16,228,438↓ 0.24 %
33The United Methodist Church7,853,987↓ 0.98 %
44The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints5,974,041↑ 1.71 %
55The Church of God in Christ5,499,875?
66National Baptist Convention, U.S.A., Inc5,000,000?
77Evangelical Lutheran Church in America4,633,887↓ 1.62 %
88National Baptist Convention of America, Inc.3,500,000?
910Assemblies of God2,899,702↑ 1.27 %
109Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)2,844,952↓ 3.28 %
1111African Methodist Episcopal Church2,500,000?
1212National Missionary Baptist Convention of America2,500,000?
1313Progressive National Baptist Convention2,500,000?
1414The Lutheran Church-- Missouri Synod (LCMS)2,337,349↓ 1.92 %
1515The Episcopal Church2,057,292↓ 2.81 %
1616Churches of Christ1,639,495?
1717Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America1,500,000?
1818Pentecostal Assemblies of the World1,500,000?
1919The African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church1,400,000?
2020American Baptist Churches in the U.S.A.1,331,127↓ 2.00 %
2122Baptist Bible Fellowship International1,200,000?
2223Jehovah’s Witnesses1,114,009↑ 2.00 %
2322United Church of Christ1,111,691↓ 2.93 %
2425Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee)1,072,169↑ 1.76 %
2524Christian Churches and Churches of Christ1,071,616?
? no membership updates reported

164 year old Bristol PC closes in Philadelphia Story: The Bristol Presbyterian Church closed its doors Sunday after almost 164 years of being a part of the community.

Philadelphia Presbytery

Monday, February 1, 2010

Roseville and Fair Oaks vs Sacramento - Local Churches loses

Google found a new legal website for me:

Leagal: Popularizing the Law™
(Search millions of pages of law with a single query)

It contains the text of Roseville vs Presbytery of Sacramento Appeal

Also from Metropolitan News-Enterprise: C.A. Reverses Ruling Giving Local Churches Control of Property

Layman finally has the story.

If you search for Presbytery, it contains many more property cases.

A Little History

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Land and Building Wars

Christianity Today Article: This is about Episcopal Church vs All Saints Church in Pawleys Island, South Carolina. It also talks about PCUSA on page 3.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Struthers OH church secedes from Presbytery

Again the story from
  • 97% in favor of disaffiliation
  • Standing-room only
  • Each side had 10 minutes to present views before the members.
  • General Presbyter: said the church had between 180 and 185 members on its last report to the presbytery
  • Presbytery first learned of intention to leave the denomination at a meeting Jan. 4
  • The church has been without a pastor for 10 months
  • On Jan. 5, the church obtained a temporary restraining order
  • Struthers church, in 1983, “disavowed any trust interest.”

Presbylaw Commentary:

  • The GP comments as reported are disappointing. They are either "political" mis-statements or unbelievable ignorance.
    • Everyone know membership size reports are inaccurate, only worship attendance is a good indication of size.
    • If the Presbytery knew nothing until Jan 4 meeting, Then the Presbytery is failing to communicate in-between its meetings or is failing to keep in touch with Struthers.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Update on Struthers PC withdrawl vote Sunday.

This updated story from has more details:
  • in December Session voted Unanimously recommends withdrawal.
  • on Tuesday, Judge issued a TRO barring the Eastminster Presbytery.
  • Hearing in two weeks.
  • PCUSA strategy paper used as evidence for TRO
  • Representatives of the presbytery have been invited to observe Sunday’s vote
  • Church wants to settle out of court.
  • Church founded in 1804 and joined the Presbyterian Church USA in 1983.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Struthers, OH PC to vote Sunday to secede from the PCUSA Story: Members of Struthers Presbyterian Church are expected to decide Sunday whether to secede from the Presbyterian Church USA and its Eastminster Presbytery.

Sunday’s congregational meeting follows last month’s unanimous recommendation from the church’s 12-member session that the local church no longer be affiliated with the national church and the presbytery “for theological reasons of conscience.”

Struthers PC - The Bridge (facebook)

173 members, $138,000 budget (2007)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Tiny New Orleans congregation defeats denominational superpowers

Layman Story: Tiny New Orleans congregation defeats denominational superpowers

In a sweeping Declaratory Judgment and Permanent Injunction on behalf of the 20-member Carrollton Presbyterian Church, the 19th Judicial District Court of Louisiana has ordered “the Presbytery of South Louisiana of the Presbyterian Church (USA), its officers, agents, employees and counsel, and any persons or entities in active concert or participation with the presbytery, or acting by or through the presbytery or on its behalf or in its stead” to leave Carrollton’s property alone.

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